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About two weeks ago, Sandy went with Yanti the Maid of Honour and Irene the Bridesmaid for dress shopping. The maids are quite fussy so they ended up not finding any dress they like. Oh well, but they had fun trying out outfits, and I had fun trying out the hat in the boutique. Teehee, we left the boutique with empty hands, cash in tact and photos taken.

The bride:

Bridesmaid Irene gawking at gowns … errr … cakes..


We also scooped these stuffs for the wedding:

Flower girl’s floral headdress


Fun masks:

The lamb to toss:


And I made the flowergirl basket once I got home:


This basket will be used to carry the bubble gun ! The superior weapon that only the honorary flowergirl (or boy) can bring !

More news soon …

3 Responses

  1. Wah.. fotoku dipajanggg.. ^^

  2. yea mumpung kowe lagi bersinar sinar di foto haha ^^

  3. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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