Reception Venue Woes

This shall be the reception venue, a building owned by Indonesian Military Academy to commemorate the late General Achmad Yani. Hence, the name : Gedung Achmad Yani.


Unfortunately the building isn’t well maintained, so when we stepped in, we were greeted by dirty walls, dirty ceilings and fans, and worse, broken antique lights. The building has very minimum lighting too. Because it’s quite big, I declared powerless on decorating the whole thing myself, it’s just not very feasible 😦 . We contacted a decorator and they quote a huge price ~ even when we told her that we don’t need fancy decors at all, just throw some bloody fabrics . They said the price is expensive because they need to cover up ceilings and walls. Plus they need to place air conditioning, since the buildings’ fans are not functioning , then they need to place more lights too, increase electricity bla bla bla, and whoop! A quote with lots of zeroes appear !



So in the spirit of thriftiness, readers, tell me your opinion, should the wall and ceilings be covered or not ? Do people really care about the ceilings and walls? I thought what really matters is food ???

Anyway, this is an excerpt from last night’s conversation:

Friend : So , what should I wear? Any dress code?

Sandy: Huh? Dress code? not really, wear whatever.

Friend: I thought the dress should match the venue??

Sandy: Really? In that case, please do wear military outfits ! Grab some army uniform or something, then you’ll match the venue. 🙂

So for future questions on dress codes, refer to the above conversation. 🙂

4 Responses

  1. dust the ceilings and walls, small curtains for windows and decorate the entrance. you might want to decorate the chair with white ribbons or something. yg penting mah the entrance and the throne area. anything in the middle won’t matter coz focus will be on the food.

  2. see ! food is what matters ! hahaha…
    My colleague said that only men said “food is what matters” . Hmm …

  3. souvenir ….. and games!!! everyone holds someone else’s waist to form a snake line and do the cha-cha circling the entire room. I’ll be sitting somewhere close in case somebody fell down 😀

    • itu kayak polonais (or whatever it’s called) ya?
      Souvenir ??? That’s in the bottom of my list. But yea, this comment from you had made me think harder about souvenirs( also known as wedding favors), and yesterday, we have purchased the most awesome souvenirs ever for the guests ! haha ^_^ We were lucky to get them at real bargain too.

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