The Bride’s Brigade part 2


The task of parnographers is to document all sorts of paranoia that happen leading to, during and after the wedding ! Saking susahnya, kita harus mencari orang-orang yang benar-benar berbakat.

Parnographer #1


Name: Richard Rich

Occupation: Lecturer in a very hip private college

Hobbies: photography, photography

Status: Single but not available

Parnographer #2


Name: Michael James Edward

Occupation: Network Engineer

Hobbies: photography and cars

Status: Single and very available !

Bouncer of honor

His job is to ensure security throughout the wedding process ^^. He has the right to deny access to the wedding venue !


Name: Andre Albert ( The left one -in the pic)

Occupation: He’s being paid for looking at others’ work

Hobbies: doing all non-noisy things (???)

Status: Will be married someday, somewhere …

2 Responses

  1. wew…. ga salah tuh nyuruh andre??? pong2??? hm… klo tiba2 ga muncul gimana??? um… kasi kerjaannya penting ga??? kok jadi ga meyakinkan????

  2. sshhh … ntar pong2nya denger … ya penting dong !! Pasti muncul deh dia ^_^ !

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