Engagement Pics

We wanted some simple, natural and fun photos because we are not a big fan of those overly dramatic pre-wedding photos. By luck, we met a wonderful photographer who was more than willing to squeeze us in his busy wedding photography schedules. The photos were taken in Putrajaya, Malaysia on a very hot(not warm) morning. It was really fun, and we’re definitely very happy with the result. Oh, and the photographer is Daren Chong, check out his work here: http://darenchongphotography.blogspot.com. Bride and grooms, if you want Daren to photograph your wedding, be quick, he’s very busy and highly sought after ^_^.


Kiss on cheek






And we strangely multiplied …


We are narcissists, and not just us, all of you people (especially you Irene) ! Haha =D


And this is the picture used for the banner above, no trampolines involved.


Erwin called it the chicken jump -_-.

6 Responses

  1. How many takes for the “chicken jump” picture?? I like this one https://erwinandsandy.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/erwinsandy_-114_smaller.jpg?w=468&h=311

  2. but I like it most; “And we strangely multiplied …”
    tipuan kamera or sotosop kah…atau harus diuji metadatanya sama pakar telettmatika ituhh?

  3. @pong2 : only twice
    @genta : heuhehe of course sotosop

  4. Wow…the chicken jump is really something….
    I ever tried that once (there is six of us) but it’s not that ‘high’ ….


  5. gw ky ntn film korea…..romantis…..jd pengen….

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