Wedding Dementia – is official


I really can’t say much about any progress or whatever. Mentally and physically drained. Much thanks to the bouncer of honor, Andre, who had helped me to get some 250 pieces of sandalwood fans from the dreaded Pasar Asemka. Beware of this place, it’s oxygenless, it’s horrid, the minimum air is polluted with a whole lot of smokes from cigarettes and worse, the salespeople aren’t that friendly. You’ll lose your judgement easily just like I did. Once home, I took a cutter and slice out the plastic packaging and pick one fan for sample. And woohoo, it has almost no fragrant and the fan doesn’t open up easily.

Unless you ‘re really desperate for a bargain, Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua is waayyy better than Asemka, maybe safer too. I just realised that pickpockets would loiter around Asemka easily, thankfully nothing is stolen. We only lost lots and lots of fluid and air.

– in case you wondered why the heck we need to get hand fans : well let’s just say there are times in the wedding planning where your family has persistently different opinions from you –

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