67 Days to go!

To be done and currently in progress:

– Invitations(currently on the print)

– Table numbers

– Wrapping favors

– Wedding itineraries & programs for everyone

– Entertainment issues and such

– Pompoms for decorations (note to self: must start making these stuffs!

– Marriage license stuffs (most important yet most complex !)

– Health check and vaccination so we can show the government that we’re healthy enough and hence eligible for marriage (part of the license requirements)

– On Saturday, need to get official letters from our Buddhist temples in Jakarta to state that somehow we really are Buddhists. Another requirements to be able to get married.

In the next 10 years, the marriage requirements for Indonesians may include things like declarations of assets and properties – if you have nothing probably you cannot get married , or even letters to declare what sorts of pets you both agreed on and the permitted maximum number of pets per household.

– Of course, the most important one ever : the nest ! We have no proper nest.


– Decorator

– Venue

– Caterers

– Videographer

– Photographers

– Book stylists for bride, MoB, MoG, Aunties, Grandmas, MoH and bridesmaids.

– Officiant

– The rings

– Groom’s and Bestman’s suit

– Purchased favors

Yikes ! We can do it ! Go ! Go !

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