Some of my favoritest wedding pics everr

I’m forever in love with weddings that look like a simple and fun celebration. Nothing too elaborate, just lots and lots of fun. I like how some brides can appear beautiful yet ever so simple. I want to be one of them!


Helen and Dom’s wedding


This is a bride with her father. I think I found this picture from this site : , the bride gathered flowers for her bouquet herself. I think she looks awesome


Remember the lovely Vivian Chow? She got married earlier this year in a private ceremony at the age of 41 ! She still looks as gorgeous.


I can’t remember where I found the picture above, but they sure look happy!

Oh, the wedding picture below is sorta what sells Puri and Friends ! The couple is Japanese and the wedding was held in Bali. In most Indonesian weddings, the wedding cake is never meant to be eaten, it’s just for photos. And God forbid anyone should mess up with the cake! It has to look perfect for pictureess ! So they opted for fake cakes with like 12 tiers. After they ‘cut’ the cake, usually they feed each other with a tinyyyyy teennyyyy slice of cake, cos if the slice is too big, it could mess up the bride and groom’s elegant look. Haha ! Complicated huh? But this couple, opted for the real stuff! Yay !


And I like fun weddings that don’t translate to big budget too


2000DollarWedding is such an inspiration.

Hmmm ^^


4 Responses

  1. If only life’s that simple, unattached by hectic tradition bonds 😦

  2. i agree 😦

  3. lookin forward 2 c the couple’s happy faces tomorrow!!!

  4. heuehehe … u seen it already, now give us our pics ! haha 😀

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