33 Days : and very tired bride & groom

Whooaa, long time no post. We’re currently very exhausted from all the nest cleaning and moving activities. Yet, we’re still far from done.
Erwin has moved all his stuffs to our new nest, while I only moved one plastic cabinet and a small cupboard. Super confused with what to keep and what to toss, if my mum sees my dorm now, she’d say it looks like shipwrecks (“kapal pecah”).
Furnishing the nest is also a major trouble, what we found were merely , a bed, a wardrobe, 7 light bulbs and a red curtain with a slightly wrong size. No dining tables whatsoever. But at least we got the mosquitoes net fixed.
Rawwrrr.. that means the search needs to continue this week. And hmm … Erwin thought the house is kind of haunted – but that’s a whole different blog post.

Sneak peek to our invitation:
Our beloved wedding logo MUST be incorporated in the invitation ! Yes, we have sheep-themed wedding !
The wording, it looks long because it’s bilingual.
So this was the result of several days of fiddling with Adobe Photoshop, dozens time of proof-reading and measuring every single milimeter. Phewww …

Stay tuned …


2 Responses

  1. nice.. why sheeeep tho?

    • Ahem .. because there’s lots of sheep, goats and the likes here in Cikarang. Since we met in this sheep land … so we decided that sheep theme would be super cool ! People would never had thought of such theme for weddings (this statement was proven wrong as I discovered other couples who already had sheep weddings -_-).
      The groom was born in the year of sheep too, and he loves to eat them.

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