About Erwin and Sandy


Erwin = A soft-spoken, Mr Nice Guy. His allure often attracts older ladies who wants to play match-maker for their daughters or nieces. Unfortunately, he’s taken by Sandy ;-).

Sandy = A no fuss kind of geek. She can be weird, and her weirdness often attracts equally weirder people. This is why she seemed to be surrounded by flocks of weirdo friends(but they’re the best of their kinds!) .

Erwin + Sandy = A mishmash of polarities and plenty of love.


16 Responses

  1. Hiuaiuhaiuhaiua… disini keliatannya jadi si erwin melas yaa..

  2. hey.. wat bout matchmaking their daughter with me? hahahhaha.. .

    o yeh.. I’m no weirdo or geeks.. and I’m not in Denial.. hauhauahau

  3. your friends, weirdos .. huh?
    I wonder who they are..

  4. “he is taken by Sandy” may need correction..
    “he is brainwashed by Sandy” hehehe…

    But I guess it is a good match. A calm person is needed for a weirdo-attracting geek.

  5. kekekeke ..anyone who wrote “denial” with a capital D in the middle of the sentence is definitely weird.

  6. bah. are you a lecturer or a proof reader?

    but I agree with richard, he is brainwashed by you.. haha

  7. Weird is peeing in a lake ….. we’re eccentric. Hurray for uniquest !!!

  8. heueheh ..eccentric ! i like that word ^^

  9. congratz yah dah mao married btw ada salam juga dr jordan

  10. thankkk youuu.. Ini andre david ya ? Salam balik buat Jordan dan yang lainnya !

  11. hihihi…kl nemu di kampus, resto or warung sop kambing Suyadi pernah…nemu blog mereka….it’s the first time. Potopotopotopotopotopoto prewednya KEREN ABIEZZZZZ.

  12. huwaaa, miss sanddyyy, mauu diundang dums, heheheheh

    • Masalahnya bisa dateng ngga ? ntar jadi pada bolos kelas hahaha ^_^ tenang , kita party sendiri aja, sesudah the wedding… Inul anyone?

  13. my favorite sentence: ‘mishmash of polarities and plenty of love’

    ha ha ha ha ha
    wish the best for both of you!



  14. Ga pernah nyangka klo saya ikutan nemu jodoh di PU… hwhwhw…

    Smg langgeng ya… ^_^

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