Our ring pillow alternative

Our rings will be carried by this super awesome Kamen Rider Odin! Erwin trusted him more than those flimsy ring pillows, especially because Odin is one of the greatest Kamen Rider ever. His super power outperforms all the other Kamen Riders, he also has the ability to traverse time and known to be the most fearless of them all. He can turn into a golden phoenix too. Awesomeness!


Ceremony Venue

The ceremony itself will be held in Vihara Mendut, a temple and monastery located right next to the Candi Mendut (see previous post in Venue category). The temple is very tranquil, and peaceful. For Buddhists: there are sala trees(*) planted here.




(*) Sala trees: The tree under which Siddharta Gautama was born and under which the Buddha rested for the last time.

Ceremony and Reception Venue

Update so far:

Buddhism Wedding Ceremony – Mendut Buddhist Temple, Mungkid – Magelang

The ceremony venue is situated in the temple situated right next to the historical Candi Mendut . Candi Mendut was built during the Syailendra dynasty circa 825. We’re still very excited to be able to exchange our vows here. More pictures of the temple soon.

Candi Mendut:


Reception Venue – A. Yani building, Magelang.

I will post the picture soon. Honestly, this building is not in such a good condition 😦 . The lights were not functioning properly, walls are dirty, ceilings are dirty too. We picked the venue because it’s the only venue that could contain all the guests. But lots lots lots of decorative work is needed. Fingers crossed the building will look OK during the reception. Nonetheless, this building also has a  historical sentiment in it, it belongs to the military academy and built in commemoration of General Ahmad Yani – a national hero.

More news soon…