The road to a highly juicy reception venue

I need more volunteers +_+ ! Bring back the pompom machines this Saturday morning please. Need at least 25 more pompoms, and need to wrap about 330-ish favors for the guests. I hope I can gather at least 5 volunteers this time. Much thanks to our lovely volunteers… these are some of their cute pictures :
Sample pompom:
Woot ! Woot ! ^^ They did awesome job and we can’t thank them enough !


Need help with the songs!

Everyone , please vote the songs that you think should be appear somewhere in our wedding !! We will be very thankful !

Prens, mohon bantuannya untuk memilihkan lagu-lagu yang cocok untuk resepsi pernikahan yaaa, thank youu !!

So far we got:

1. Untukmu – Tito Sumarsono

Lagu favoritnya Erwin kalo lagi karaoke-an

2. Forever Love – Wang Lee Hom

3. Ai Pia Jia E Ya

Will be sung by a super cool aunt.

Akan dinyanyikan oleh seorang Tante super. Lagu berbahasa Hokkien wajib untuk semua acara dari kawinan sampe sunatan.

4. Ghostbuster Soundtrack

Not very romantic, but this is Sandy’s favorite.

5. Satu Cinta – Yacko

6. Cucakrowo?

Oh gosh… what else ??? Help help ! Please someone find us songs that are not too overplayed but still somewhat romantic. Yang tidak boleh ada di playlist : Jablai, Teman Tapi Mesra atau lagu-lagu lain dengan tema selingkuh, My Heart will Go On ( I seriously can’t stand this song).

Gggrrrr …

The wedding is approaching soon, tapi rasanya banyak banget printilan2 yang belum beres. Sebel abis, overwhelmed, over budget juga. Satu yang bikin Sandy jadi kayak gini :


(mirip ya, sialan nih yg bikin gambar) adalah urusan dekor-dekoran. Tadinya kami dengan semangat 45 memilih Sarinah Decor  yang notabene decor paling bisa diandalkan se-Magelang. Ternyata hmm kok mahal ya. Sebulan lalu mereka memberi quotations Rp. X , terus kemarin di email quotationsnya naik jadi Rp. X+ (1/2)X, ga jelas juga kenapa. Berkat gugel, Sandy menemukan nomer telpon satu dekorator lagi yang mungkin bisa buat alternatif. Hadooohhh urusan dekor aja kok ribet. Yea ga ribet sih kalo rela keluar uang banyak, masalahnya ngapainnnn??? Emang dekor bisa dimakan ?? Bisa disimpen lama?? Seumur-umur Sandy ga pernah bener-bener inget dekornya wedding-wedding lain. Konon sih biasanya para perempuan yang suka ngeributin urusan decor, but for Sandy, yang penting simple, keliatan kayak wedding, udah. Hhhmmpphh … Ggrrr !!

Our ring pillow alternative

Our rings will be carried by this super awesome Kamen Rider Odin! Erwin trusted him more than those flimsy ring pillows, especially because Odin is one of the greatest Kamen Rider ever. His super power outperforms all the other Kamen Riders, he also has the ability to traverse time and known to be the most fearless of them all. He can turn into a golden phoenix too. Awesomeness!

Food Tasting Result: Superb!

Erwin’s mom picked the menus and the caterer allowed us a session of food tasting, yum yum … She opted for simple menu and we both agreed to it, so don’t expect craziness like shark fins soup, sea cucumber and such. So without further ado:

1. Crab & Asparagus Soup

Rated at 9 out of 10. The yummiest everrrr !!


2. Sweet and Sour Gurame Fish

Rating: 10 out of 10 ! Perfection !


3. This dish is called Angsio Kay. Basically it’s braised chicken.

Tasters’ ratings: 8 out of 10!


4. The Bago Prawn – The caterers’ (a famous Chinese restaurant in Magelang’s Jalan Daha) specialty.

Rating: 10 out of 10. The only problem is , for a ten-person meal the serving is exactly 10 ! -_-


5. Chicken with Cashews

Rating: 7 out of 10. It was a little too salty, and seemed like everyone preferred to replace this dish with a vegetable dish – notice how the other menu are fiberless.


6. Yangchow Fried Rice

I missed taking photos of the fried rice. But let me assure you, it was yummy too. Ratings: 8 out of 10.

7. Dessert: Iced Longan

This one didn’t make it to the food tasting session, but I heard it was pretty good.

Vegetarians get special menu too since we have a number of vegetarians in the guests list, including my own mum and Erwin’s relatives. Anyway, overall, we like the food, hopefully it’ll turn out as good on the day!

Reception Venue Woes

This shall be the reception venue, a building owned by Indonesian Military Academy to commemorate the late General Achmad Yani. Hence, the name : Gedung Achmad Yani.


Unfortunately the building isn’t well maintained, so when we stepped in, we were greeted by dirty walls, dirty ceilings and fans, and worse, broken antique lights. The building has very minimum lighting too. Because it’s quite big, I declared powerless on decorating the whole thing myself, it’s just not very feasible 😦 . We contacted a decorator and they quote a huge price ~ even when we told her that we don’t need fancy decors at all, just throw some bloody fabrics . They said the price is expensive because they need to cover up ceilings and walls. Plus they need to place air conditioning, since the buildings’ fans are not functioning , then they need to place more lights too, increase electricity bla bla bla, and whoop! A quote with lots of zeroes appear !



So in the spirit of thriftiness, readers, tell me your opinion, should the wall and ceilings be covered or not ? Do people really care about the ceilings and walls? I thought what really matters is food ???

Anyway, this is an excerpt from last night’s conversation:

Friend : So , what should I wear? Any dress code?

Sandy: Huh? Dress code? not really, wear whatever.

Friend: I thought the dress should match the venue??

Sandy: Really? In that case, please do wear military outfits ! Grab some army uniform or something, then you’ll match the venue. 🙂

So for future questions on dress codes, refer to the above conversation. 🙂

Ceremony and Reception Venue

Update so far:

Buddhism Wedding Ceremony – Mendut Buddhist Temple, Mungkid – Magelang

The ceremony venue is situated in the temple situated right next to the historical Candi Mendut . Candi Mendut was built during the Syailendra dynasty circa 825. We’re still very excited to be able to exchange our vows here. More pictures of the temple soon.

Candi Mendut:


Reception Venue – A. Yani building, Magelang.

I will post the picture soon. Honestly, this building is not in such a good condition 😦 . The lights were not functioning properly, walls are dirty, ceilings are dirty too. We picked the venue because it’s the only venue that could contain all the guests. But lots lots lots of decorative work is needed. Fingers crossed the building will look OK during the reception. Nonetheless, this building also has a  historical sentiment in it, it belongs to the military academy and built in commemoration of General Ahmad Yani – a national hero.

More news soon…